Lesson 16 I am badly stuck up unable to understand and solve the problem


Below is the code for the exercise "Game Over"

if turn==3:
print"Game Over."


Is there something wrong with it?
In what way does it behave differently from what you want?
Is that the whole code? If you need us to look at what you've done, then you'll have to include something that reproduces what you describe when copied.


I request you to verify the code and advise me where it is wrong.
The error mentioned is the code looks bit off and the console is showing indention error.


Sure, let's start from the top then.

turn? No idea what that is. And now I can't read any further.
I can't verify it or really do anything at all with it, because I can't run it.

There's also no right and wrong here, it is very much relevant what you want the code to accomplish. Without that information, it's impossible to tell if it's doing the right thing.

So my questions are there to get you to make a few more observations that are required to figure out what to do.


I do not understand your reply.Any how thanks.


I had an error as well but that is because I nested the "if" statement under the "else". If you look at the Hint, it states that the "if" statement should be "..outside of any of the nested conditions." Basically it should be line up with the "else" above it. Hope that helps!