Lesson 15/23 "links"


Here's my CSS:

a:link {

a:hover {

a:visited {

I'm not sure whether it's working the way it's intended to.

For example, it's applying the "text-decoration:none" to ALL links, not just the unvisited ones.

Also, when I hover, I only see the color change effect when I hover on unvisited links, not ALL links, as I thought it would/should?

Would appreciate some insight.

Many thanks.


I've got the same problem :confused:


I had/have the same problem as you guys.

There does seem to be an issue with the order these commands are called in the CSS file (though I don't know why). I fixed the hover issue simply by moving a:hover to the bottom of the list.

However, no amount of switching a:visited and a:link around seems to fix the fact that 'text-decoration:none' over-rides the formatting of everything else.

Don't know if anyone else can come up with a better explanation/answer


When i hover the link, there is no change at all.


to make a visited link change on hover you need to use

a:visited:hover {


I thought that might work.. I never tried it though.

I'll try it later, but in the meantime, I'll take your word for it!



I'm having the issue in lesson 15 where the visited link isn't changing - It should change to orange when visited but it doesn't. What's odd is that it thinks that I've done it correctly, even though it doesn't work as it should :confused:


this is just because that you might have visited that site while writing the code try to add a such link that you haven't visited. Or you can try with an imaginary link like " Anand Yadav "