Lesson 13? Phyton?


It says I'm doing it wrong? Thank you for the help! I want to learn for renppy
Here's my code:

#monty = true
#python = 1.234
#monty_python = python * python


You have made all your lines comments! Uncomment them by getting rid of the # and you should be good to go!


I did that but it still aint working..
Thank you for answering so quickly!


Yeah sorry for the late response lol true must be capitalized so True is the correct way to type it out. I would try that.


Thank you! I made lots of dumb mistakes


Nay your good! We all make mistakes that seem dumb everyone once in a while. I assume you fixed everything? Or do you still need help?


whats wrong on my code


misspelled python in all cases


monty = true

python = 1.234

monty_python = python * python


i want to learn coding

monty = True
python = 1.234
monty_python = python ** 2

this is the answer i just resolved it.
it's my first day here and i really want to learn phyton.
Good luck every1


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