Lesson 12 :what is interpreter ? what does console.log() do?


what is interpreter?
what does console.log() do?



You are doing the Javascript Course,
which you access by using a Browser
( for instance Firefox, Google-Chrome, MS-IE, MS-Edge or others )

Codecademy.com has created an enviroment which exists of

  • left-hand an explanation/Instruction field/section
  • middle an INPUT field/section in which you are asked to write Javascript code.
  • right-hand an OUTPUT field/section in which eventual =console= output is =logged= / =displayed=

  • a Submit Button, on which you can =mouse-click=

    • when this Submit-Button is clicked a Course-Check function is executed in which your code from the middle-section is executed by the Javascript-Interpreter,
      -1 your code will be checked on proper SYNTAX
      -2 the syntactical-correct code is then interpreted and translated into =action's=
      -3 eventual console.log() output is =displayed= in the right-hand field/section
      -4 eventual Instruction-violations are made public to you via an Oops-message...
  • a Reset Code Button when clicked-on will give you a virgin middle-section

To find Information about the Javascript syntax,
you can use the site developer.mozilla.org
by using google search
javascript [your question] site:developer.mozilla.org

To get an inpression of how to format the Javascript code
i would suggest
http://javascript.crockford.com/code.html <---JavaScript code-convention


console.log shows any problems the code may have. don't rely on it though


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