Lesson 12 using console.log


I am stuck on lesson 12. Using console.log


(ps. You have to right click and translate it to english)

can someone please help, I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have tried everything incuding the Spanish version. Nothing is working. It keeps saying :It seems that you are not exhibited 'Hello' on the island.
Here is my code.


Please help!


Hi you should log "Alô" instead of "Hello"

console.log(2 * 5)


I have tried that. It still didn't work when I submitted it. It even translated it to English


try to change browser or can you try to take a screensho?



you wrote..


instead of



how do I put the symbol at the top



Depends on which kind of keyboard you are using. I am using a french one so it includes this. You may also copy what @wizmarco said in your text editor should work.


thank you. It worked. How do I change the settings so that everything is in English


because I had to do that in level 16 too. I had to copy and paste the Spanish



You can look at the control panel > Region and Languages > Keyboard and languages in your PC if you are using Windows


Where is the control panel



You see the icon of windows in your bar to the bottom


You click on it and search for control panel.


That is already on English. For some reason the website is set to Spanish


@bluej333 are you talking about the language of your keyboard or the language of the Lesson


the language of the lesson


HI you can change it here

go on the bottom of the page and click on the on Inside the circle


if change language you will lose everything you made with the language Spanish


You have to put spaces between the numbers

It should be

console.log(2 * 5)

The commands should be in English, but you can try Alo if it doesnt work

But anytime you are using numbers for math, you have to have spaces between the symbol and the numbers


10 * 5
10 / 5
10 + 5
10 - 5



I just got to this lesson, but I think that might be your problem. I have seen that no spaces creates an error


Though I don't know how Codecademy parses its programs, whitespacing shouldn't matter in JavaScript. I doubt that it is the problem.