(Lesson 12) I can clear it, but I don't understand it


Lesson 12: Iterating over multidimensional arrays

I do the exercise as instructed, and the code does run correctly, but I fail to understand the point of the lesson. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!

#This solution:
s.each { |sub_array|
    sub_array.each { |y|
    puts y}

#Returns every element in the array (and allows me to continue). However:

#This solution
s.each { |x|
    puts x
#Returns the exact same result (and allows me to continue to the next lesson).
#So, why go through the trouble of nesting one .each method in the other?


Both examples above do output the same,

roast beef

However,to demonstrate where nesting is useful, consider the following:

s.each do | x |
  puts ''
  x.each do | y |
    print "#{y} "
puts ''

which outputs,

ham swiss 
turkey cheddar 
roast beef gruyere

See how a single block will not make this output possible?


Ah, I see. So, the first block tells it to space the output by individual arrays, while the second block is the output?

That makes more sense. Thanks for your time!


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