Lesson 10: Font Size..Stuck on Font Size and I'm GOING CRAZY!

I keep getting an error message telling me my Arial font is size 16 even though it’s 12.

Could someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? THANK YOU!!

when you have multiply style elements (for example font-family and font-size, you can separate them with a semi-colon, as shown in the instructions, here is some general syntax to help you going:

<p style="property1: value1;property2:value2">

you seem to add some additional quotation marks (") and a comma, rather then a semi-colon. Hope this helps

And this is what’s happening now!!

Hi there,

You still have too many quotation marks in your style attribute. Look again at the code stetim94 pasted and notice that s/he only has one set of quotation marks for the whole statement.

Good luck!

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hi there my name is andrew and i have the same problem n i cannot figure it out

Please open a new topic + paste in code+error