Lesson 10 does not work

hey, in the lesson 10…it takes a long time when it hit on the run button…but it won’t work too…

Replace this line with your code.

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Please post a link to the lesson, and include your code. Thanks.

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i typed the following code on it,
count_to = 23 + 45

print count_to

Let’s run down the list of possibles…

  1. Refresh the page and try again.
  2. Reset and refresh and try again.
  3. Try in a different browser.

If these all fail, then the only option is to report a bug from that lesson page.

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changed the browser too…nothing changes…its the same…
hey will i should stop coding…
i need to practice…plz help me

Did you report the bug from that page? Be sure to describe the problem, include a Gist of your code, and describe the browsers you’ve tried as well the OS.

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sure…how much time will the take to fix it…

That I cannot answer. I’m confident the engineers are working hard to sort out issues with the new roll-outs.


I confirm that this lesson doesn’t work.
I’ve used the following code: count_to = 203 + 387. I’ve pressed the run button and nothing happened for the next 10 minutes. I’ve tried reloading page and resetting everything. I’ve also reported a bug 2 days ago but didn’t get any answer so far.
I’m using Safari on macOS Sierra.

I’d like to continue my Python course so hopefully engineers can fix this bug.
Thank you.

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