Lesson 1


i created the lists, but it is throwing error kindly advice , thank you!


Oops, try again. Did you create a dictionary named lloyd? Your code threw a "global name 'lloyd' is not defined" error.

llyod = {"name" : ["Lyod"], "homework" : [], "quizzes" : [], "tests":[]}
alice = {"name":["Alice"],"homework":[],"quizzes":[],"tests":[]}
tyler = {"name":["Tyler"],"homework":[],"quizzes":[],"tests":[]}


the name of the students should be strings, not lists, you also misspelled LLoyd


thank you so much.
yes the spelling was exactly the error..
i was creating a string not a list..!
thank you




tyler is a list, it should be a string. Why would you store the students names as list? Strings make more sense


thank you so much


Hello, what's wrong with my code?

lloyd = {'Name': 'Lloyd', 'homework': [], 'quizzes': [], 'tests': []
alice = {'Name': [], 'homework': [], 'quizzes': [], 'tests': []
tyler = {'Name': [], 'homework': [], 'quizzes': [], 'tests': []

Thanks for your help.


the name key should be all lowercase letters

why do the alice and tyler dictionary have an empty list as value for name key?


Thanks for your help.