Lesson 1. where can i know "my name"?

  1. In the code editor to the right, type your name in between <h1> and </h1>, then press Run.

--------------where to find “your name”?

well, i hope you where given a name at birth (or slightly after)

What do you friends call you? Put that between the h1 heading tags


yes, i write a name between h1, but the result shows:

$expect is not defined

but then the question isn’t right, please post your code, use format to make the code show:


Maybe seeing it is easier? If your name is Sebastian, your code should look like the following:

<h1> Sebastian </h1>

Of course I’ve never gotten the error message :

$expect is not defined

on any lesson in html/ css. Maybe you are in a different course editor? Try resetting your code and trying again. Best of luck! Hope this helps.

Me too,the same problem of"$expect is not defined" prevents me going to the next step all the time.

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