Lesson 1 Welcome. Don't know what to do help


help. I don't know what to do.


You don't need to type any code in the Welcome step. What does your console screen say?


@suffrage, The Blue Save And Submit Button At The Bottom Of Your Screen Should Do The Trick :slightly_smiling:. I Hope You Enjoy Python!


i don' t undestand what i must do now!! can i send you a screenshot?



Can you post this in a new topic with your question + error message + code no need of reviving a 27 days topic.


i don't go



You must assign the correct value for my_int, my_float and my_bool. Remember assigning value is like this:

variable_name = value

You should not create a variable called a or b but follow the instructions.


its the spacing thats holding ya back

a = True
b = False

i had the same problem ( also code is case sensitive from line to command ran) i.e my_bool will work where as MY_bool/MY_BOOL will cause a syntax error most of the time. hope this is helpful