Lesson 1 Step 3 can't advance


app.controller('MainController', ['$scope', function($scope) { $scope.title = 'Top Sellers in Books';




Can you describe us the error you are getting?


I've got an error in this step as well. After typing the required code for step 3 and clicking "Run," the page gets stuck. All indicators keep spinning, including the small one in the check box next to the "3".


A day later, the problem seems to have gone away on its own.


I have the same problem at third task.
Indicators won't stop spinning and course stops. :confused:


I have the same problem at 2nd lesson 1st task. :angry:


I'm having the same problem. It gets stuck on after writing to the MainController.js. No error message or anything, it just gets stuck and you can't click "run" or anything, and there's no way to advance.

Edit: got this error after a while "[33m13 04 2016 13:08:01.715:WARN [karma]: [39mPort 9876 in use"


It took me a while to think about a property of an object with more properties. Confusing- but all that needs to be done is use the expression scope with the property name:

{{ product.name }}