Lesson 1 Exercise 11 Add a Div


I got to the part where I am supposed to add Div tags after and before . So I did. It did not work. After a while I had option to "Get Code" so I did. It skipped few tasks ahead and still doesn't let me through. Deleted the extra divs and it still doesn't let me through. What am I doing wrong?

It's asking me if all the contents are within the divs. Well yes it is. Is it?

P.S. I got no idea how to add the whole code raw....


I've got same issue
please help ^^


same does anyone know how to do this?


Our entire call is having the same issue.


Atleast you tried:joy:


just watched the "solution" you have to input div classes for each section
but it is still not working same message "ll the contents are within the divs"
it drives me crazy


Same spot is broken for me. It offered solution code that also failed.


I someone know how to restart this level 11 ?


Under the Get Help button, you will see an option to restart.


Even after restarting the exercise it is still not letting me through. Same message appears -> "Are the navbar h2, navbar ul, company heading h1, h3, p and video elements all contained within the "container" div?"


Hi You missing in your code <div>s

<div class="nav">
 // here go the list


<div class="main">
// from <h1></h1>
// to <video></video>


Which operating system and web browser are you people that are having this problem using?


Windows 7; Google Chrome


That combination - usually - has no problems.

Could I get you to post your code, just to make sure that there isn't a problem there?


Same here. Windows 7- Google Chrome


I have tried that too. It's still coming up with the error and question if all contents are within "container" div.


Hi try to post your code.


Do you mean just like it is in the image I posted on top of the topic?


Here how it should be

<div class="container">

    <div class="nav">
     Begin with <h1>Ollie </h1>
     End with the closing ul </ul>
     <div class="main">
     Big in with <h1>Ollie Bike Sharing</h1>
      End with <video></video>


They should be inside the the Class container


It's still not working
This method says it's wrong:

This method also shows it wrong:

Using Get Code same:

I have no idea what goes wrong. Someone asked about Windows and Browser. Windows 7 and Google Chrome is what's I am using.