Lesson 1 #4 "None"


So I passes this one and I understand why the console returns 3, since its told to print that, but why does it print "None"on the next line? I don't see any code to give it that command.

Here is my code:

# my_int is set to 7 below. What do you think
# will happen if we reset it to 3 and print the result?

my_int = 7

# Change the value of my_int to 3 on line 8!

my_int = 3

# Here's some code that will print my_int to the console:
# The print keyword will be covered in detail soon!

print my_int


Don't worry @mrsassybritches.

That is just Codecademy checking your code... You will learn more about None in the upcoming chapters...


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