Lensflare - The Next Unsplash. Please offer some feedback on it!

Hey guys, I just released my latest project Lensflare.

Lensflare is un Unsplash Clone. An image-sharing site.

All feedback will be appreciated greatly.
Thank you.
Happy coding.


Hey Leviathan,

The site looks really good! Nice, clean, easy feel to it… makes you feel like sticking around.

You might already have this in your plans: the “banner” or “hero” (or #ooffag25 as you’ve called it) section seems like a big area of emptiness that pushes the start of the pictures too far down the page. It feels like it either needs more there or to blend it partly into the pictures section.

Cool name, btw… both leviathanprogramming and lensflare :smiley:

  • Greg
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Thank you for your kind feedback.