Leesson 3: Swinging from Brach to Branch



Oops, try again. Make sure that you use the universal selector * to give a border 1px wide.

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css" />
		<h3>Boxes within boxes!</h3>
			<p>Paragraph One</p>
			<p>Paragraph Two</p>
			<p>Paragraph Three</p>

For the CSS Sheet

* {
    border: 1px dashed #3A5FCD;


Yeah your code is fine. If you are using chrome, try using a different browser such as IE or Firefox.


oscartbeamish: Ok, let me try.


oscartbeamish: Men many thanks it worked, i was battling with this for the past few hours and you gave me the solution like a miracle.


Yay awesome! can you please mark my reply as the solution so others can see. This problem keeps occurring.


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