Leave the old HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, etc. courses ALONE

After reading the blog about the staff planning to take down several of the old courses from Codecademy this summer, I am imploring the staff members:

Don’t delete the old HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, etc. courses from the site, PLEASE.

If I had to choose between the old courses and the newer ones, I’d pick the old courses hands down. They’re far more user friendly as far as reviewing and understanding the material goes. Moreover, the new courses don’t even try to help you figure out the exercises. With the old courses, you have the option of seeing a hint (which was actually useful in almost every case) to help walk you through the exercise in order to figure out the solution. If that doesn’t help, you can go into the Q&A forum and discuss it with other users to get help.

With the new courses? Hahaha, NOPE. There’s no hints provided. There’s not even a Q&A forum link available (or a Q&A forum, for that matter) for the new courses. In those, either you figure out the answer, on your own, without any hints or assistance, OR you get it wrong 3-4 times and then the console offers to give you the answer, which virtually does NOTHING to actually teach you about the concept.

Furthermore, I like to use my work in the old courses as notes, and I need the instructions included with each lesson in the old courses for context. I’m willing to work through the new versions of those courses, but for the love of God, PLEASE, PLEASE keep the old courses where they are (or at the very least, make them still accessible just for users who already completed them once).


I would have to agree with this. Although out with the old and in with the new can sometimes apply, I’d like to be able to look back over my completed old HTML and CSS course as a point of reference. Im working through the old version now and intend to go on to the new course once completed.

Maybe it can just be made as a ‘read only’ option?

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