I really need an answer
Is it okay to skip challenges that prove too difficult at the moment and carry on the learning path so as to dedicate a later time to solving that challenge?
Feeling stuck and staying there is very discouraging but I hope I’m not simply taking the lazy route.

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It’s fine to skip the challenges and come back to them later.

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No problem. You can learn all as you can, do other exercises and come back to challenges. All we are learners. :grinning:

Also, you can take information and experiences from other websites.

It’s not lazy at all!

But some food for thought: solving a challenge is also not a good measure of whether that material is well-digested or not.

Some open-ended questions for when you complete a challenge:

  • what if I change the conditions?
  • what’s a real-world use case for this?
  • what are alternative methods for this?
  • can I use the ideas from this and solve a different challenge?
  • in what cases is the solution strategy inefficient?
  • is this something I should know by heart, or good enough to know by reference?

As long as you stay curious, proactive, analytical, and are nice to yourself, you can tackle many fruitful problems over time.


Whenever you find a difficult challenge is an opportunity to step up your game.
Of course it’s ok to leave it for another time if you feel like time is of the essence.
Remember anyhow that in the forum you can post as many times as you need to find help on solving your doubts, there’s nothing bad about asking for help, instead I think is the most useful thing on a community-based platform. :wink:

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I found that sometimes it is easier to leave it for a while and come back to it after a bit more practice! Don’t force yourself to finish them all in one go, and don’t let it drain you. Challenges are extremely difficult if you’re trying to solve them while demotivated, so just take a break from it and you’ll be just fine :yellow_heart:

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Thanks folks, my first time asking here on the Forum and all your answers are really helpful.