Learning with codecademy, or not


I'm not following this.

We should now be at the point where we would be able to get less instructions, and make our own codes, from those limited instructions.
I keep going back to earlier lessons, i keep writing things down, i really try my best to get it, but every time i get close to thinking "i'm getting it!", it f***s me up!

The lessons are not very clear all the time, and it does not help my comprehension of python!
Either suddenly shifting the focus/point of the lessons, the instructions may be wrong, or it may just be their in general lousy site, that sometimes get me stuck in a code for long periods of time, until I realize, i just need to refresh or shift browser! 50 % of the time i get a code to work, i don't feel that it was me that coded, but me that fixed a buggy code, because of bad instructions.

I considered paying to go Pro, but i have not seen ONE reason on codecademy, that would convince me, not only to pay, but that they would be able to teach me anything!


This is not the feedback page. This is for getting help with something you're stuck on.


Gah! I got it to work, now i can't get the code session that was wrong.
About your answer: i don't really care. I did'nt see a feedback session, so eh!

I'm looking for someone who actually would like to be helpful (clearly not you).
It could be advice on which browser is the least buggy to use, maybe some general tip about this mind numbing buggyness. Maybe why and how, and a place to catch up on things, so i feel i learned them, instead of fumbeling trough!
Now i don't have that particular part of code, but i would still call it being stuck.


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