Learning to create a windows application?

Hello! I’ve been spending a lot of time programming with C++ and iv’e got to the point now where i feel “relatively” comfortable with the basics. The question i have is; are there any resources on how i would go about creating a windows application? I’m developing a liquid fueled rocket engine and as part of the test fire i will be streaming data from the engine to my laptop. I want to be able to display this data on screen in an application as well as write some scripts that i can run to manage the engine start-up and shut-down sequences. My guess is that i will need to use one language to handle the data display and windows application build, and then another (probably C++) to handle the start-up/shut-down scripts. Currently I’m just unsure where i can find resources to help me learn how to do it. Any and all help will be hugely appreciated. Thank you, Elliott.

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There’s some walkthroughs and basic info on creating Windows applications on Microsoft Docs, which you might find interesting.

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It will probably really depend on what kind of sensors and micro controllers you are using to get readings out of the engine. Most sensors or controllers come with C++ libraries that you can tap into and depending on how you are connecting them to your computer, you might have to google how to read analog inputs from your USB port or something like that.

One way to get around it is to use software like LabView or Matlab, that already comes ready to read inputs from a lot of signal types, and will help you to collect and visualize them. Another way would be to try to connect your sensors to an Arduino, and then connect that arduino to your computer. That will probably make your life easier as well. Or a Raspberry Pi.

Edit: For example https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/highvoltages/arduino-real-time-plotting-with-python-5a6a5a

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