Learning to code for Wordpress

I am taking the Front End Web Engineer course. My short term goal is to be able to help my current company make changes to their Wordpress website - they have a custom-built site using a custom theme created by an outside dev. I’d like to be able to understand the theme, communicate more effectively with other devs about the site, and make changes to the theme layout and style. I understand for Wordpress I’ll need to know PHP which doesn’t seem to be in this course. Does anyone have any other feedback or suggestions with regards to learning the correct things to attain my immediate short term goal.

Beyond this initial goal, I’d also just like to learn to code as a front-end engineer, which is why I’m taking the full course.

For understanding and creating Wordpress Themes, you’ll indeed need to know some PHP. The theme templates are written in PHP. There is a separate PHP course on Codecademy.
Then it depends on how much you want to go into detail: You could write extensions for the Guttenberg editor in Javascript, which is part of the front end or full stack course.
For custom menus you’ll need to rely on the Wordpress docs.

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Great, thanks for the feedback. I noticed the PHP course. Once I have a better understanding of HTML and CSS, that’s where I’ll go.

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