Learning (the hard way) by embarking on a project way over my head

Hello all. I recently started teaching myself javascript with Codecademy’s great Web and mobile interface, and at the same time I’ve been using ChatGPT/Bing (which actually gives more precise answers than ChatGPT I find, but not quite precise enough) to suggest fixes to a little javascript program used in the node.js environment on Google Cloud Platform and designed to translate a .docx file (using the Google Cloud Platform (Advanced) API and a glossary in .tmx format to improve target-language results) from Arabic to English. Now, I fully realize that I am trying to run/fly/blast off, etc. before even crawling here, but who cares?. After all, all I can do is come floating down to earth with my parachute. So, what I’d like to do is to go through the javascript program I have and discuss every variable, constructor, function, class, etc. created, etc. with someone who really knows her/his stuff at the same time I continue to learn the basics of javascript. Hey, an idea: if anyone is interested in doing this as a group I happen to have a paid-for subscription to Zoom that I’d be happy to contribute to this adventure. Upon request (no pun intended–there being a “request” in this javascript program), I’d be happy to share the program here and that Bing things is just fine and dandy, even though I continue to get an error message when I run it. Any interest in the idea?