Learning the command line 1.4(pwd part)


Was trying to do 1.4 on learning the command line and the instruction told me to type in pwd, which was easy enough, but after that it told me to list all files and directories in the working directories. I know what directories are but dont understand what it is asking me to do. I tried copying down what was on the terminal but it didnt work. The next step told me to write "cd 2015". Dont get that either. Would love some help.


Here's a breakdown of the commands used in that lesson:

pwd = Print Working Directory. This prints out the directory the console is currently in. In this case, /home/ccuser/workspace/blog.

ls = Lists the files inside the 'working directory' or the directory the console is currently in. In this case, 2014, 2015, hardware.txt are the files.

cd = Navigates into the defined directory. In this case, the 2015 directory, or folder. So, the new directory it is in is: /home/ccuser/workspace/blog.

This lesson asks you first to print the working directory (pwd), then list it's contents (ls), then navigate to the 2015 directory within it (cd), then print the new working directory (pwd), and finally list THAT directory's content (ls).

Hope this helps.


Yes that helped. Thank you


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