Learning Rails after Ruby course

I started Ruby on Rails course after finishing Ruby but the knowledge gained on Ruby course seems to be insufficient.
In first project there are something like this:

  1. set the home action as the root route
  2. create a new route to map the url /about to the about action

and there weren’t antyhing about this at Ruby course. Ofcourse i can see on the video what should i do but that will teach me nothing as i don’t know what it is and what does that mean.

I don’t know if i should go throug the course beacuse it could be waste of my time :frowning:

And servers doesn’t work for projects. :angry:

The ruby course doesn’t even cover some fundamentals. I enrolled in an actual class after working my way through it and there is a great deal of basics in how to get objects to relate with one another that they never even touch here. Lots of people told me Codeacademy is great for basics, but it’s hit and miss by course, and the ruby one needs work. I’m working my way through codeacademy’s rails course and it’s really not that good at explaining things imo. They’ll have you copy prewritten code and put it in the components to the thing you’re building, without telling you what each line does, and then at the start of the next page they give you a short, five sentences or so explaining what’s going on. It’s very vague and hasn’t been helping me reach any true understanding of the material. I’d say find another course for rails. I’m trying to.