Learning python

Hello learners and experts sorry this question is non related
i’m from a non cs background now i started learning python so plz help me which software i should download for python learning

The simplest starter setup is IDLE, the version from python.org. It will install in the AppData folder of the logged in user account. Be sure to pin a shortcut to the taskbar. Click the shortcut to open the interactive shell. In the File menu, select New File to open the text editor. When you Save files they go into a Scripts folder inside the Python folder. Save all your work there (folders can be added) and it will always be easy to find. Most recent files are listed in the Open menu.

Along side, join repl.it and from there you can open the Python 3 sandbox that lets you save projects online that you can then point to in posts. Wait until you are comfortable with Python in general before moving up to a more robust IDE.

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