Learning Python - No Previous experience

Hi team,

I am working on infrastructure related work since 13 years and i don’t have previous experience of programming. Now i want to learn Python for my planned career change. I am not sure where should i start. If someone can guide me where should i start would be highly appreciate.


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Hello @code0398104345, welcome to the forums!

If you want to learn on CC, then the Python course is a good option. I would recommend fully learning the basics before continuing onto anything else, too.

Can you give some paths or courses where should i start ?

There are the normal Python courses (Python 3-which is PRO, and Python 2 which is free). The code foundation path is also good, and the computer science course also teaches Python. If you search for Python in the search bar, you’ll see the full list of courses that involve Python-just. be sure to take notice of the prerequisites.