Learning Python data engineering skills


For the last year I have learned SQL and Python basics on a data analyst level.
Is codeacademy the right place to learn programming skills in order to become a data engineer?
I want to master Python so I can write my own pipelines, integrate data in a data warehouse and such. Is this possibe here?

Hello @luukvanvliet73795808 welcome to the forums. There are multiple Codecademy paths (the Data Science path) with both Python and SQL. They require a PRO subscription, though. This is one of them: https://www.codecademy.com/learn/paths/data-science. I hope this helps!


Are there courses available that go in-depth on data engineering, e.g. creating data pipelines, integrating data, writing high-quality production code?

There is the data science course (a career path), which delves into SQL and Python. There are then individual data analysis courses with Python and SQL individually.