Learning progress and certificate

how can i see the learning progress(%) on every course and how do i finish the course(get 100%) to show the certificate at “codecademy go” app??? it always just show “resume” even i finish all topic of the course for an hour!!!

Hello @toholui, welcome to the forums! Could you post a screenshot of what you are explaining? Also, are the certificates visible in the website?

for example, there are just 4 topics in html course which i’ve already finished all, but still show resume, how can i know the % my progress is??

or it just show the progress and certificate at website version??? are the app’s learning progress is different with website learning progress???

how can i know when i’ve finished the course, there is no any “%” to show me how far i reach the course at the app, or does it only show the “%” on website version???

it just always display “enrolled”, never show “finished”.

Could you post a screenshot of what it looks like on the website, please?

so is it only show the progress(%) and certificate at website version?
“codecademy go” app never show any progress(%) and certificate??
the app just use for revision what you’ve learn at website version??

there’s show “complete” at the center, so “cocademy go” app doesn’t show any progress"%" and certificate when finished the course??

as you see there are “%” show at the right-hand corner

My understanding is that there are no real progress icons in the app, as it is mainly designed to help people keep their training going, not actively learn new things. @lilybird, is this correct?

it’s better display the progress and certificate like another programme learning apps, just a suggestion, thanks for your reply~

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