Learning programming of all codes

I have gone through java and am going through javascript and found that some more or less it is the same but for example some functions in java is easier than javascript and more organized.

so my question is this:
Is it practical to learn all the basics (Just the bare idea of syntac, logic, what is happening and how it works in general) of some of the languages before focusing on just one.

Am planning to focus on either C# or python for making my own games or program.
But is this the right approach?

and also for those still undecided on what to learn:

For now, best not let opinion sway you. Pick something and go with it. The C and Python combination is a one-two punch, as I understand it. Python is built on top of C. A knowledge of the low level language helps to see the abstracts in the generational language.

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The language you used here is just, wow.

Thank for the info

but yeah still trying to grasp the concept here and there.

Am just wondering if this approach(learning here and there) will be beneficial in learning a single language later on?