Learning path


Hello, what is the success to learning path here as regards to professional websites and applications development


If you would follow through with what is available here and in the sequence as it is arranged, you should be on your way to going NINJA. Joining the Pro class is another way to that desired success path.



this is a very broad question. For the front-end web development you will need as basic: html + css + javascript. Of course, you could add SASS (css extension) or jquery (javascript framework) or bootrstrap (css framework for making good looking responsive websites more quickly), then there is angularJS, which seems to grow in popularity.

That is just the front-end, we haven't gotten to back-end yet

And application development is really broad. Mobile apps? Web apps? Games?


thanks for the quick reponse


You are welcome.

That's why we are a community. :smile:


Developing of web apps


To make this clear, this is reason for my studies here. I want to develop
1.Professional websites
2. Web applications
What should i study here to achieve this aim.


i think for 1. websites i just listed many things you can learn.

Web applications we have a number of options:
ruby -> ruby on rails
php -> framework (framework not required in php)
python -> django or flask
go -> no idea, i don't know that much about GO.
javascript -> nodejs
database (depending on which language you choice to manage your backend)

software is to broad. Web applications is software. So are websites, so are mobile apps, games, OS, kernel development, hacking tools and so on. The list is endless


clear with your explanation. Thanks


That should keep you busy for a while. You have an idea for a plan now?


Upon all the web application development platform you have mentioned, which one is faster to learn.
Also, what can i do with your java introductory course.


That is a difficult question. Php is rather direct (you can work with it really quickly), but it of course on the language you already know. The others are very good as well.

Java is used for many things, including making android apps


We should make a little collection of these graphics:

Or this kind of thing:



I really appreciate your guide for faster learning.