Learning path to a specific (Win Explorer-like) program?



First post here.

I've been thinking about how much I would like to have a particular program (that doesn't exist) on and off for a few years now. I am looking into how feasible it would be for me to write it.

Basically, I want an updated and tweaked version of this program:

Advanced Library for Poser

(It's a bit like a tricked-out version of Windows Explorer, with the biggest difference being the ability to use what I call "virtual folders," for lack of a better term; you can create "ghost" folders within the program, and then tell it what parts of the Windows directory structure you'd like show within your ghost folder. It allows you to completely rearrange the directory structure without actually moving any folders around. The other big difference is file handling; you can set it up so that double-clicking a file sends it to your preferred 3D app (via a third-party script called PRPC), Poser or Daz Studio; it displays files the way Poser and Daz Studio display them (P/DS library content is two files, the content file, and an image file; Windows Explorer shows them as two separate files, while P/DS libraries display them as a single icon).

I would just keep using ALfP, but the developer stopped updating it in 2012, and it's showing its age (I asked him about sharing his source code, so someone else could update it, but got no response). The biggest problem is that it doesn't know how to handle newer Daz Studio file types (they're all .duf files, with the differences being inside the file, and not reflected in the extension), so search functionality is dramatically impacted (you either have to exclude the new file type, thus excluding huge amounts of newer content from search result, or you get a huge mess of file types that you don't want included in your results).

There are also various tweaks and bugfixes that I'd add, if I could. In terms of new features, I'd like to test adding a "tabbed" feature, to see if it would slow down the app too much.

I've been limping along with ALfP for years now, because I still find it much better than Daz Studio's native content library, but I'd really love to have something better than either solution.

My question, after all this blathering, is what path would you choose if you've never coded, but wanted to write this app? What language, what libraries, what resources, etc? I'm not really interested in coding for a living, I just want to build a particular application (and I don't have the money to pay anyone to do it for me).

Thanks for looking,