Learning path for beginner

Hi. Im new in this community. I dont have any background about coding or programing. Ive done some of the codeacademy free courses and I really ike it. I want to learn more to change career path. I always liked doing computer stuff. If anybody can suggest what learning path should i take, I greatly appreciate it. Im interested also in doing the pro intensive course. How many times in a year do they have the enrollment? Im trying to decide if I should do just the pro for now, or do the intensive pro. Im really serious in learning the coding and programming. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

If your objective is learning computers in general, then there are 2 approaches to learning that people generally take:

  • From the bottom up approach: You start with the most fundamental information and learn the stuff with less abstraction first and the stuff with more abstraction last.
    • Example outside computers:
      You learn quantum mechanics, then how cells work, then how they organize themselves, then what a stomach is and how it works, then you learn the intestinal system, then the human body.
    • Example: You start by learning electronics, then how different hardware is built and how you could build your own Processor Unit, then you learn Assembly, then a language with at least some abstraction, then you learn programming in a high-level language.
  • Up-to-down approach:
    You learn more abstracted stuff first, then less abstracted stuff.
    • Example outside computers:
      You learn the human body, then the intestinal system, then the stomach, then how cells are organized, then the constitution of cells, then quantum mechanics.
    • Example:
      You learn a high-level language, then a language with some abstraction, then assembly, then how to build a processor unit, then how different hardware is built, then electronics.

Most people I know had more success with the up-to-down approach as it is easier to stay motivated.

If you’re not looking to go in depth on how a computer works and want to be something specific, let’s say a web designer, then I recommend starting with the most basic first.
Learn HTML, then CSS, then JavaScript, then some framework out there.

Also, I think you can take a quiz at codecademy to get recommendations on what to learn. There’s one you can access without paying money if I remember correctly.

I personally had no experience with pro and pro intensive, but if you’re really into it and have money to spend, go for it!

Also I would recommend buying a book on what you’re currently learning. It can be extremely useful.

Thank you. I appreciate your help. I finished the html free course already. im going to do the css course next. I know how computer works. I just need to learn the code and programming part. Thank you for your help.