Learning Lua?

I am interested into learning LUA but so far this website don’t have any tutorials for fresh beginners on learning how to using and understanding LUA.

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Hello @megarockstar53373,

Although Lua is a pretty cool language used for 2D/3D game design and handle other stuff, the CodeCademy platform hasn’t implemented it yet because of the current focus on web development. You can check the current Course Poll, where Lua is at third position, after C++ and C# but those courses haven’t been created yet due to platform investment (I think).

There aren’t too many free courses on google, so far I have found some articles or courses related to Lua like these:

And some premium ones like Lua-Love Course or Pluralsight path.

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I appreciate the help your giving me @kingdarboja. I’ll been looking around for free lessons and tutorials that help me grasp the understanding of lua so that I could learn how to mod games that uses it like Game Dev Studios and Garry’s Mod as an example.

I’ll look at these resources you given me and see what I could make use for this, anyone else that can contribute i’ll appreciate it nonetheless.


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