Learning javascript



I am struggling with grasping the basic concepts of javascript.

At the moment I am stuck with functinos. I do not want to memorize the lessons, but understand them
so that I can apply the knowledge better.

Do you know of any resource online where the concept can be explained to me in a why I can understnad?




Hi, I also had struggles with the functions and I found this video where he shows a much simpler way to make functions and also tells you what they do and stuff. It helped for me, I hope it also helps you :slight_smile:


Thanks alot 'thomri' :slight_smile:


No problemo sir osasu :slight_smile:
- Needed 20 characters :smiley:


Yes! Finally! I now understand functions a little more. I didn't have a problem until that if or else mumbo jumbo where it asked me to define quarter. I was stuck 'cause I thought I had to go through that variable process.. guess not haha