Learning Java for an upcoming interview


Hello Everyone,

(First time using this so forgive me if I am doing anything wrong)

I have an upcoming interview for Java Software Engineer position and my recruiter told me to “brush up on core Java.” I finished taking the learn java courses and it helped so much. I have a much better understanding of OOP and hashmaps. But I feel that this might not be enough, I feel that I need to learn better about stuff like Linked List, bubble sorting, polymorphism, stacks and queues, recursion, and anything else associated with data structures and algorithms.

Am I misunderstanding what core java means or do I need to learn more of the concepts I just mentioned? if so…
I dont see these advanced stuff here in code academy, does anyone have a resource for another online interactive platform that is as good as code academy that can help me better learn this stuff?

Thank you everyone


Hard to tell you about good online learning platform as CodeCademy since most of them are video tutorials and doesn’t have interactive session neither code editor. Also learning more stuff related to Java usually carries a price since most learning platform focus on the language basis steps and relies on syntax lessons instead of actually teaching advanced stuff.

I would recommend Udemy or Coursera in a quick google search to find a free course that can at least teach you some of the stuff missing here.