Learning HTML

what is head in that

what’s your question ? Please be more specific

zain, whats your suggestion, how much hours should i have to give this course per day, and how to become expert in this

Badar (@byte6116756841)

I can’t tell you how long you need to study for as that depends on you,
how much time you have, whether the section you’re doing requires more practice etc.

You see how much you can manage a day while still understanding and being able to implement it.

With HTML however you could go pretty fast but as you take other courses it will get more intense.

The most important thing is to be able to understand what you’ve done in one lesson before going to the next, also very important is to practice locally on your computer.

ps. its Zainab not zain

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i AM not understanding the purpose of id div.
i know what is div, but dont understand the purpose of id attribute, with (id) or with out (id )the program remain same.

You can have multiple div elements in your HTML page but there can only be one specific id, for an id is unique. This will allow you to target elements more specifically in your CSS.

will you plz ellaborate me more

lets say you have two divs on your page:

   div one
   div two

how would you give each div a different color? You can use id for this.

sometimes, the lesson teaches a concept of which its not immediately clear what the advantages are, that is okay. Just continuing practicing, very often concepts you learned become more practical and you can see the added value (like ids)

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You will learn all the common HTML tags used to structure HTML pages, the skeleton of all websites.
HTML is like human body without skin.
This course will teach you how to build the structure of a web site.
Skin is like CSS and JavaScript. :smiley:

i have completed the first part, the 16 lesson, but till now i learned a very little , i learned only how tp make a structure of page in simple way, when this course will go toward advance, like web developing

after html, css is common:


followed by JS:


which is actual programming language (not a markup language like html), so if you like a challenge, start with JS

what do you define as web development? Don’t worry, it will get complicated soon enough, so its better to have a good understanding first