Learning Experience, Goals and Progress

Hello Everyone,

I have been teaching myself to code through CodeCademy’s Learn HTML & CSS course for 2 weeks now. Alongside this I’ve been reading and researching on the internet with terms such as ‘things I wish I knew before learning to program’, ‘learning to code in a year’ & ‘best way to learn codiing’.

The results produced from those searches are mixed in quality, overwhelming and confusing.

In an attempt to combat the feeling of being lost I’ve decided to take a practical step by posting this topic - I’d love to hear from people who have found/and find themselves in a similar situation, and I would like to hear the steps they have made/will make to move themselves forward.

I’ll start with myself -

I just completed the learn HTML & CSS introductory courses on CodeCademy. I have been writing up journal entries in word as a learning technique as well as writing revision notes on index cards (would love to hear some other methods).
I am very aware that this is a bare bones introduction into the topic so I have just ordered a second-hand copy of Jon Duckett’s HTML & CSS book.

My current learning aim is to deepen and cement my understanding of the very basics of HTML & CSS, I do not want to make the mistake of rushing through the fundamentals. I am considering trying to write up an E-CV webpage through Code Pen, perhaps that could serve as my first little project? a way to exercise some of the skills I’ve been learning.

That’s where I’m at. If anyone has some pointers, advise and direction please throw it my way. I just want to learn efficiently and become increasingly involved.

So, where are you at?

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One important point:

Learn by doing it!

That means as you are learning open up a text or code editor type out the code run it, experiment other ways and carry on doing that. Look at other sites try and make a copy cat of it.

Practicing on Codecademy’s lessons is great but you also need to practice outside from CC without looking through the instructions every few seconds.

Practice will make you remember the tags, format, how CSS can be used etc