Learning css, working on Dosmoto'Arts and Crafts Can't figure out why Brshes image won't load

Absolutely new here. I am stuck and in need of guidance. Working on Dosmotos Arts & Crafts website and can figure out where I went wrong. Lines 13 through 18 look correct, yet does not load. The rest of the website does. Please advise.

I wasn’t sure how to post my work, here or on github but here is a link (if I did it right) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sekmet777/Dasmotos-Arts-Crafts-Codecademy/main/README.md

And this:

Make sure the title line is like this:

<title>Dasmoto's Arts & Crafts</title>

The opening title tag is missing the closing bracket as you’ve presented it there.

Also it’s a silly little thing and doesn’t really matter, but it’s good practice to ‘close’ your img tags even though you don’t need a separate tag (i.e.,

<img src="myImage.jpg" alt="" />
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