Learning Before Python?

Hello Everyone,

I have some experience in HTML and CSS, not a lot, but some. I wanted to start a programming language and the description of this course said it was a great beginning course for programming. But I am having a tough time comprehending the very beginning of this course, variables and such. Is there a course I am missing before hand where I should know more about how this language is set up or will everything become clearer as I go along?

Sorry if this question is already asked.

Since you did express an interest in HTML and CSS then the companion language would be JavaScript since all three API’s live in the typical browser.

If you are new to programming and a browser is the first thing at hand, then exploit that free resource. It is everything you need to learn a powerful and dynamic language, JavaScript, or more technically, ECMAScript.

Say you have Chrome. Open a new tab. In the location bar, type, about:blank, and Enter. When the blank page opens, Ctrl+Shift+J to open the JavaScript console.

I won’t go into any of the details but you now have a JavaScript command line into which you can enter single commands, functions, if statements, while loops, etc. to your heart’s content. The execution is immediate, and unless what you entered was a function (or class), the algorithm is forgotten, though variables will still be present.

If what we want to see is a result, we don’t need to log it, just execute the command and the terminal will log out a result.

 > const PI = Math.PI
<- undefined
 > 4 * PI
<- 12.566370614359172

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