Learning Angular: Best Resources

Hello everybody,
I was stuck in the very first lesson of Angular and while looking for a solution I realised that the course Angular.js might be rather deprecated as with v2 major changes took place. Therefore I am wondering whether doing it actually makes sense or if it is more useful to look for a course/tutorial elsewhere? Any opinions on that or good tips about where to look for material?

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Hey @mirja_t ,
You’re absolutely right: Our existing course teaches the old Angular, called AngularJS. The current version of Angular is just called Angular. They have a similar name and similar architecture but they are different tools, so learning the old one will not completely translate to the new one.

We are planning to fix this! Hopefully we’ll have a new Angular course for you before the end of the year.

If you want to get started on Angular right away, you can visit the Angular documentation. They have some tutorial-like guides there. Note that their docs use TypeScript, but everything can be written with JavaScript as well.

-Nick, Sr. Curriculum Developer at Codecademy

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Great, thank you @nduckwiler ! In the meantime I can prepare with your TypeScript course either for the Angular documentation or your upcoming course, I guess…

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Definitely. Here’s the link to the TypeScript course in case any other viewers need it!