Learn Vue.js

I started the Learn Vue.js course. I tried accessing the course using up to date Chrome on Windows 10 with extensions disabled.
The first instruction states that we should copy and paste a line into the given index.html file. I cannot get the code to pass without using “View Solultion”

This was first (afaik) noted by Vestige on Discord yesterday:


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Hello, I’m the one that posted on Discord. I couldn’t find anyone else mentioning this issue either.

From what I can tell about this bug, it is only happening on the tests that are specifically looking for the <script> tags in the <head>. Maybe it has something to do with them adjusting things for the upcoming Web Development path changes that were recently announced, so maybe we’re the first people to experience it, but I’m not sure.

I’ve had to use “View Solution” to skip the <script> checks 4 times so far. I’ve created a bug report on the site for each of them as well.

So far only these have been impacted:

Introduction to Vue

Vue Data

It felt really strange having to skip these with “View Solution” but the course has been working otherwise. I’ll be finishing it today and will update the list if I find more.

Edit: Finished the rest of the Learn Vue.js course. No other tests for the steps in the lessons were impossible to pass.

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