Learn to program in Ruby course is hanging

Hi there! I have already done 2 courses in codecademy and an avid member. I have started on Ruby but on the first lesson of the Ruby course, it is already hanging. I waited for a day, hoping it will resolved itself but to no avail.

Hopefully anyone knowledgeable can help. I am also hoping that the developers and forum modulators can see this as well.

I have a feeling this may be a problem for other students as well.

Thanks in advance for any help! More power to Codecademy.

I’ve been forced to quit the PHP course for the same reason… it will not Save and Submit Code. I have tryed to do PHP on three different computers with the same result, an endless loading spiral. Please take note of this error or tell me how to fix this? Thanks.

Thank you cadecodes.

I do hope they get to fix the issue with both our courses as I am very interested in continuing on with the course here at Codecademy.

I was able to make it work.

By chance, I had an old(er) version of firefox in my laptop and I started using it since nothing else seems to work with Chrome (my browser of choice). And voila, the Ruby lessons started working in firefox.

I then proceeded to use my desktop and used Chrome as my browser (latest version). It suddenly worked as well.

Went back to my laptop and logged in to Codecademy using Chrome (latest version as well). It is still hanging.

cadecodes, I still don’t know why but you may have to try different versions of different browsers on different computers. It’s a hit or miss at this point.