Learn The Watson API 7. Understanding Twitter Results II (syntax error?)


Hello I'm looking to figure out why I'm getting the syntax error on this specific module. It's not causing me to 'stop' moving forward. But I'd really like to see this working so I understand what I'm doing wrong.


Your variable has no value. Python identifies it as a syntax error.


Hey @Papusalaatti thanks for jumping in here. So to clarify (I'm very new to coding) the issue is coming because after twitter_api = I'm missing something to denote it's value?

Thanks so much for the help!


How new are you with Python? You should really learn it even for a little before learning API:s. Here's CodeCademy's Python tutorial.



I get another error at the same module:



ok. I just solved.

line 21 should be

print status.text.encode('utf-8')