Learn The Command Line

It’s just me, or is anyone else getting bugs on “Learn The Command Line?”
Buggs like typing the code correctly and the doesnt happen what is supposed too

Could you give me an example of a command that you’ve typed that doesn’t do what it is supposed to? I will test it and see if it happens to me too.

for example this command does nothing

grep -R Arctic /home/ccuser/workspace/geography

Could I get a screenshot from you showing it doing nothing?

I’ve just tried it and this is what I see:

That is definitely strange.

Please try using the X beside “bash” to close that terminal and then open a new one.
Also could you try a few other commands and pwd and ls and show me what they do?


ls and pwd are working perfectly

When you copy/pasted in the forum you spelled Arctic correctly, but in your screen shot you left out the first c.

Stupid typos, they feel like “;” on java
Thx @albionsrefuge :relieved: