Learn the Command Line: Problems in the Manipulation lesson

Having some problems with the manipulation lesson for the Command Line course. I managed the complete the previous lessons/projects on Navigation in the previous section without issue, but at the start of the manipulation lessons, I was unable to proceed past the first exercise. It wouldn’t let me pass the second condition no matter what I did. Reloading the page and trying again several times didn’t work.

Eventually gave up and used the “give solution code” option, which unlocked the next button, but ran into the same problem on the next exercise

Is this a bug with the tests, or a problem on my end? Assistance will be greatly appreciated!



Is it just me or are there two spaces between the command and the flags in your code? I’m not not sure that the testing for those lessons is robust so it might literally require the right characters to be input regardless of whether it works or not. If that is two spaces, please try with one instead.

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You are correct, I hadn’t noticed, thanks for pointing that out! For some reason, every space I typed into the terminal was doubling automatically. Probably some kind of bug with the Japanese IME I was using, resetting it solved the problem. Not sure what caused it to start happening, but at least I can proceed now. Thanks again!

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