Learn the Command Line => Manipulation => 5.cp I



For "Learn the Command Line => Manipulation => 5.cp I" I completed the exercise but it will not let me proceed. Did I make an error? See screenshot for more detail.


same can't find anything can anyone also help


I was stuck, but somehow made it work. Here's my code.


Part 2:


The code that you suggested copies the file "ray.txt" from the "biopic" folder and then pastes it into the "historical" folder. For this lesson, we are instructed to copy the file "cleopatra.txt" from the "biopic" folder and then paste it into the "historical" folder. The code to complete this text is provided in the instructions, and corresponds to the very last line of code in "part 2" of your message (if you were to substitute "ray.txt" for "cleopatra.txt". Unfortunately, however, the provided code does not work (see screenshot on the original post for more detail).

Is there some error that I am missing?


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