Learn the Command Line, exercise 6 cd ll


I got stuck on exercise 6. It says "Change the directory to the 2015/feb/ directory
List all files and directories in the working directory."

I typed
$cd 2015/feb/
$ ls
The box doesn't get checked and I can't move on. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Assuming that your commands were successful, the next likely explanation is that it was looking for cd ../feb to have been typed (like in their example). If so, navigate into any of 2015's children (including feb) and run that from there


So, the correct line is $cd../feb


Thanks, that seemed to work.
I indeed had to type "cd ../feb"


Okay, now I'm having trouble on the next step. It says I have it right, but it doesn't show a new directory "media/"


Is it supposed to look like that? Because it does not show the new directory, as it says it should in the instructions.


Why would it? You changed directory

If it's difficult or even just annoying to keep track of the current directory, you can put it in the prompt by doing:

PS1="\\W $ "

(to make persistent that line would need to be added in ~/.bashrc


Okay. Thanks :slight_smile:


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