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i am stuck with lesson 1/11,I cannot understand when it say Using the menu
at the bottom of the terminal for reference, type Ctrl + O (the letter,
not the number) to save the file. (what is this?)

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If you look at screen
you have the nano =status-line=

GNU nano 2.5.3        File: hallo.txt          modified
 (nano version)       (the file you            (the status
                       are working on)          in which the file is)

At the bottom of your nano-screen you see

^g Get-Help  ^o Write-Out  .....
^x Exit


^o stands for, pressing-and-hold-down the CTRL-keyboard-key and simultaniously press the lowercase o-keyboard-key
If you use the cltrl-o you are going to Write-Out meaning you are going to save the changes
a line will appear in which you see your current file-name
now you can either
-1 press-enter, the changes will be written to your file file.txt ( look at your =status=)
-2 you change the filename you want to write to and then press-enter.

You are still in the nano-editor.
To exit the nano-editor you use the ctrl-x and you will be on the bash-prompt

You could also use the ctrl-q key which will close the nano-editor WITHOUT making changes


Can you help me I can’t solve 2/11 nano


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