Learn the Command Line - Build a Build Script

https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-the-command-line/projects/bash-scripting-p - Task 6

‘Not a valid identifier’ returned on the code below (’: not a valid identifier: versioncontinue ') - but if I stop at the ‘read’ line it works fine:
I’m working with the video and following every step. Thanks in advance for any input.

echo “Hello World”
firstline=$(head -n 1 source/changelog.md)
read -a splitfirstline <<< firstline version={splitfirstline[1]}
echo $splitfirstline
echo “You are building Version” $version
echo “Do you want to continue? (enter ‘1’ for yes, ‘0’ for no)”
read versioncontinue
if [ $versioncontinue -eq 1 ]
echo “OK”
echo ‘Please come back when you are ready’