Learn the Command Line 3/11 Problem/Possible Bug



I have followed all directions, I have checked numerous times for simple or small errors, and found none. I just can't get a check for this exercise. After I typed ' alias pd="pwd" ' i saved using ctrl O (the letter), then pressed enter to save. I then used ctrl x to close nano, and entered 'clear' to clear the window. I think its a bug or a problem, but if there's a error or something to fix, someone please help.Thanks in advance.

Cole Baker


In terminal type, (nano ~/.bash_profile), and it will read out the text in the file. The text needs to be (echo "Welcome, Jane Doe"), with "Jane Doe" being whatever name you want, and the next line being (alias pd="pwd").

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The push (CTRL X) When you attempt to exit it will prompt you to save the file. Push Y, and then hit enter to save.


It does not work for my


same problem here, does seem to be a bug or something


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